“Under the mango tree”

One day, there was a boy and a girl with the name of Michael and Kath, who made a promise to eacher that after 10 years they will come back in the same place where they first met, under the mango tree. Michael’s family decided to migrate to another country because of business, Kath moved to the city to contain her studies.


Years passes by so fast and the day of their promise came in, kath wanted patiently under the mango tree from morning till the sun goes down but there was no appearance of Michael. Kath continuously go to the same place every year hoping Michael will come but after for consecutive years of waiting she got tired and moved on.


After a year she met Ken whose nearly persistent in making her to be his girl and because of his patience and untiring  love for her and they became a couple.


Kath was very happy in their relationship so she decided to introduce him to the family. along the way Ken stop the car at a very familiar place for him and go near to the mango tree.


Kath ask him why did he stop in this place Ken said “It amuse me this place and this tree it’s very familiar to me. I always have these things in my dream. I can’t believe this place really existed.”


Ken sit in a bench under the tree, Kath followed him and also sit. He start to tell the story in his dreams”You know what Kath, I always have this dream of a little girl who i made a promise with under this tree” he pointed at the tree. “To come back after 10 years because we are about to migrate to another country and she will move to the city to continue her studies.”


Kath was shocked because of what ken said coz it’s the same story as she had before.”One more thing it all started after my operation .” Ken said.


Kath got confused “What do you mean, Ken?” she ask.


“Kath, i have to confess something to you before i had a problem with my heart, It’s from i was a child. And when i was 19 years old, the doctor said that i need a heart transplant. my parents tried their best to find a heart donor and no luck. A week later they got one from a boy call Michael, he’s a friend of the family.”


Ken continued “his mother said that Michel was about to go back to the country because of a girl that he made a promise with but on his way to the airport, he got in a car accident and sad he died. I Think it’s his memoirs that i am dreaming.”


Ken said kath why are you crying  he ask “what’s wrong Kath?”


She looked at him and said “I was the little girl in your dream, and the reason why Michael wanted to come back here.”Ken hug her and pat her back “It’s ok, at least he tried.”


Kath smile and stop crying “Your right Ken, he didn’t break his promise, and come back under the mango tree, In you!” And leaned on his shoulder.


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Cameka Campbell

Cameka Campbell

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