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Thinking Outside of the Box in face of devaluation of Jamaican Dollar

The state of the economy in Jamaica is nothing to smile about at this time. The dollar has devalued and is at an all time low. The people are very much worried about their jobs and how they will be able to pay their bills and send their kids to school.


It is always said that it is best to have an education; a degree or specialized skill to give you options especially in economic conditions such as this. If you have children you want the best education for them. But with lack of funding what are your financial options? Will you have to take out a loan to fund their education?  How many times have you seen in the newspapers jobs asking for a degree or specialized skill? Wanting to be the best parent you have to find the answers.


We have to open our eyes and mind to the opportunities that are there. It is time for us to think outside of the box if we are going to survive these times. Let me share a story of a guy I know which I had met seven years ago. I will call him Mr. Brown since I can’t reveal his name. Mr. Brown was a hand cart vendor that sold porridge and soup at the gate of a company that had over six hundred employees. The company had a canteen that sees a good among of traffic and there were other vendors outside selling other food products. Mr. Brown had two big pots in his cart. One he had with soup and the other he had porridge. He comes at about 7:30 am each morning and leaves at noon and both pots are always empty. It so happened that one day a young lady was complaining to her friend about her financial difficulties and Mr. Brown was very curious. He couldn’t understand why this lady dress up in her nice clothes and good job was complaining. I sat there and heard Mr. Brown said “Excuse me. If you don’t mind telling me.How much do you make for the month?” The lady replied “thirty thousand a month.” Mr. Brown had a puzzled look on his face. Then he said “But I make that in a week.” I didn’t believe it at first but when I did the maths; it wasn’t difficult to see the truth. Few months later another company opened further down the road and Mr. Brown hired a man to do the same hand cart business at the other company. In no time Mr. Brown hired another guy to take over his operation and he bought a van to do some farming. This man was a hustler and moved up to an entrepreneur. This man was thinking out side of the box.


There is always an answer. You just have to slow down and think. Ask yourself the questions and seek solutions. Sometimes helping others can also open up opportunities for you. I try to help others and I have given some solutions in my book “College and Beyond” – .



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