The Word Guiding Principles for Everyday Living

“The Word Guiding Principles for Everyday Living” is a book that deals with overcoming challenges such as doubt, anger, relationship building and faith. The book has 36 chapters that address major issues that we face as a Caribbean region. The author Dr. Lola B. Allen, uses a variety of techniques such as acronyms, to illustrate her points. For example, in the chapter on relationship building, she uses the “latch” concept. Latch stands for love, acceptance, trust, communication and honesty. Dr. Allen likens the use of a latch fastening windows and
doors, to the fundamental pillars that build good relationships. If a latch is not working, the windows and doors will fall apart. Similarly, if any one of these pillars is missing, the same thing will result in the relationship. The book provides solutions to everyday issues from a biblical perspective.

Many persons have described this book as a great devotional because its interactive format allows for deep
introspection. This book has also been described as “the solution to a better and more productive life”. I encourage you to purchase a copy of Dr. Allen’s book today. With a background in psychology and the power of the Holy Bible, this book will help you to make the necessary changes so that you can live a happier and more fulfilling life.

The author, Dr. Lola B. Allen, has a Master of Arts in Pastoral Psychology and Counselling from St. Stephen’s College, Alberta, Canada as well as a Doctorate in Christian Counselling from Jacksonville Theological Seminary, Florida, USA. If you are interested in purchasing your copy of “The Word Guiding Principles for Everyday Living” you can purchase it on Amazon. If you live in Jamaica, you can contact Dr. Allen at
876-416-8360. Thank you, and God bless!








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