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If you’ve read any of my last posts before this one, you’ll realize that I like to take two seemingly disparate things, and connect them for a (hopefully) interesting read. CAPE and the Olympics. Introversion and a self-help guide. Even the Ten Commandments and driving, which I still don’t know how I did.


I should also mention that I LOVE rap music (see also: Kanye West). I tend to use quite a bit of it in whatever I write, whether it be just lifting a line or two straight from a song, or tweaking a line to cleverly fit what I’m writing about. I like doing it. I consider myself good at it.


This is who I am as a writer. I take stuff people already know, and create more stuff from that stuff. I always write with the intention to make people laugh, and make them go “that’s so cool!”


I’ve always enjoyed writing, especially creative writing. It’s easy enough for me to be able to relax when I do it, yet stimulating enough for me to keep doing it. Take the CAPE Olympics, for instance. I say easy enough, because making the link between the Olympics and arguably the hardest set of exams I’ve ever done, was easy. Dismantling the 1971 Olympic Rules and Regulations to complete that link, was not. When I get asked how I do what I do, I feel a little guilty because I can’t give a definitive answer. It just happens! Creative writing isn’t a twelve-step program. It’s simply a matter of seeing and making connections where others wouldn’t.


I start university next year, and my hopes about writing are pretty straightforward. I want some more shit to happen to me that’s interesting enough for me to put pen to paper. (or is it fingers to keyboard?) I’m moving to Montego Bay – that’s already a start. Maybe I’ll even find and develop another writing style, in addition to the one I already have, in the three years that I’ll be there.


My fears about writing in university are a little more complex. I fear I’ll lose what I think makes my writing distinctive: sharp wit, a keen sense of humour, and a relaxed, fluid style, in the grind that is academic writing. I also fear that I’ll end up becoming a little fish in a big pond again – being surrounded by so many people who are just as good, or even better than I am, at what I thought was MY thing! Being unceremoniously JRAPPED into sixth form and realizing that your intellect is probably average at best, are pretty heavy themes for a seventeen year old. But just like Lupe Fiasco, I said I’d never feel that again. Although I don’t think I will, there’s something in the back of my head that makes me believe I’ll do just that.


Other than placing seventh out of two hundred and thirty students in my year for CSEC English Literature, nothing noteworthy happened with me and writing in high school. I never won any prizes for the aforementioned subject, or its Language counterpart. I never entered any essay competitions. None of the “writing” extracurricular activities at school had the flexibility, small sizes, or creative freedom I wanted, either. I had no interest in interviewing performers for the school fair, or simply regurgitating smartphone specs for the school newspaper. The president of the writers’ club even found my Tumblr and invited me to a meeting. An advice column to help ninth graders with typical teenage bullshit? No thanks. Also, if there’s ever a person to seek advice from, you’re barking up the wrong tree with Rachael McIntosh. I told her nicely that I wouldn’t be coming to any more meetings, and she was cool with it. I enjoy the autonomy I have with my own Tumblr, this site, and editing college and college entrance essays, which I started doing last year.


I don’t exactly know what I like to read, since I don’t do much of it anymore. All the reading I do is primarily online now: MSN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Wikipedia, and one of my favourite sites, Lifehack. (yes, I read things other than tweets, status updates and Instagram captions!) I did read a hell of a lot when I was younger, though. I was always in a book, and even then, it was never limited to one single genre.


This is what the world is for – making creativity. You can feel it in your mind; oh, you can do it all the time. Plug it in and change the world… (mi cya bodda find sumn weh rhyme wid “girl”)

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Rachael McIntosh

Rachael McIntosh

I'm a 19 year old high school graduate, and this stage of my life feels like I've skipped a video game tutorial: pressing random buttons, with no idea how anything works. I'm usually described as being very quiet and a little distant at first, but the greatest and funniest of friends and conversationalists once you get to know me. I'm pretty phlegmatic; wry, with a dry, witty sense of humor. I LOVE to write. I love Grenadian dark chocolate, wearing sweatpants, and watching old cartoons. I'm a bonafide house rat, and I listen to too much rap music for a budding young woman of virtue. I'm a chronic worrier. Tin mackerel is an abomination, and I'm deathly afraid of dentists and cockroaches. Hopefully, me writing for this website is the next step in trying to figure things out!

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