Season of Sultry

The Atlantic Hurricane Season began from June 1st and ends November 30th. With that being said, its expected that this season will be a fairly mild one for the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Though it has been said that no drastic hurricane conditions may occur anytime soon, its now more than ever that countries like Jamaica are calling down for even an hour of harsh rainfall. Going through a drought is not pretty at all especially with the sun that seems to be getting hotter and hotter as the days go by.


Remember in primary school when you sometimes sang:

                         “Rain, rain go away, come again another day.”

Well I’m pretty sure that’s the furthest thing on the minds of many Jamaicans. The drought conditions have gotten so bad that many communities are experiencing ‘water lock-offs’ where the National Water Commission completely shuts off the water supply on a daily basis in an effort to save the natural resource. Therefore many persons are getting water supply every other day. Do you have any water today? Well don’t look forward to it tomorrow, so save enough for the next day.

Kokopelli Rain Dance by Carla Mora

Rain Dance


Besides rain and drought conditions, the Caribbean has been experiencing a few unexpected natural disasters lately. Just a couple weeks ago, Barbados experienced a series of earthquakes, rocking the island into a scare of a Tsunami threat.

PS: No Tsunami threat or watch has been issued by any national officials or authorities so everything is fine. You can breathe now.


Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, Kick’em Jenny, a submarine volcano located beneath the islands of the Lesser Antilles got itself kicked up on the seismic scale marking it at an Orange Alert. It was such a sudden occurrence that even if your on the other side of the Caribbean, you could almost feel the anxiety that many were facing. On a positive note though, the volcanic activity has decreased marking it down back to a Yellow alert.


Living in the tropics is certainly a roller coaster of weather conditions. You never know what to expect as with all natural disasters. You just have to be prepared for anything. The sun never fails though, its always out and shining bright, which definitely makes everyday feel like it should be a beach day. At least there’s an unlimited supply of water at the beach, plus winds to balance off some of the heat.

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