Rally Barbados 2013 – The Experience

What do I do when I’m not being paid to film? I film!
I wanted to create a video, not just about the cars, but about the rally experience in Barbados! A day when coolers are filled to capacity and trucks are packed for off-roading adventures to the best vantage point to watch the cars as they pass.
It may seem strange to onlookers to see the masses of people (many drinking) in cane fields in the blazing heat shouting ‘Rally Cyar Rally Cyar! Senn itttttt!’ ;) but just wait for the moment when a car comes around the corner sideways and the hype and energy will keep you coming back for more! If you haven’t experienced it yet, enjoy this taste of the rally experience and don’t miss Rally Barbados 2014!
Special thanks to Eric Allamby for letting me put my Go Pro in his car to capture the awesome in-car action and to Natasha Farnum for pointing me in the right direction so that I could be in the right places for some great footage!
Music is by Robert DeLong:” Did I make you f#$*(&#$ dance?” (slightly edited to make the video viewable to a larger audience) :)

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