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29 Apr 2016

The Understudy‬

Acts Of Disappearance, Costumes and characters. Dominant elements of his deceitful plot; Scripted to keep me.   Promises of promotion; To big screens and scenes , Fuels the witty words that woo me.   I may not be his leading lady, But exiting stage left is not an option. For

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26 Apr 2016


Take a step back and reassess, His love cannot be masked by utterances of disrespect. Slaps like playing dominoes on deck and Grips of a vicious vulture waiting to devour.   The lilies in your garden are forced to bear witness to his mess; They retreat by bending the heads

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25 Apr 2016

Tamarind “Salute”

Mother nature is now channeling the  end to  a much appreciated and West Indian favourite,“ tamarind season”. Historically tamarind is indigenous to Africa, and was said to have been brought to Jamaica and the Caribbean through the Trans-Atlantic slave trade of the 16 and 17 century. Tamarind season is like

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05 Apr 2016


Pink, white, red and blue Lilies, roses and orchids too. Their captivating appearance, Their perfumed fragrance Will enliven any sulky mood. Whether in the garden or on the street They are the most attractive things you’ll meet. Breath-takingly beautiful when they bloom I’ll keep some flowers in my room.

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