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03 Jun 2016

Intruders Beware

At the watch tower the valiant warriors stand. The mission is to guard and protect their master's land. Their strategic plan is set in motion. They watch keenly for any strange action.   At the first sign of trouble they sound their alarm The battalion ready to defend, loaded and armed,

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02 Jun 2016

The War Files

Into the fray he marches, Fear lingers within his soul. Failing to live is what grips him. The prospect of being destitute, morally and spiritually terrifies him. If he becomes rich on the material plain, will he lose his battle with humility and the subsequent faith he professes in you lord.

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02 Jun 2016

Life’s Worth

Life is worth living , think of how many people that are in the hospital today with all kinds of illnesses and no cure. All they think about is living another day. While we who are alive and well go every day hating , killing and fighting ,the question is

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01 Jun 2016

Alluring Temptation

There is a sweetness to his blatancy, Such priceless expressions stroked evenly with pronouncement of his truth. Age has given him wisdom in huge quantities, and it’s utterly intriguing!   A trail plastered with trials have done little to tarnish his good graces, Dashing respect to those deemed unworthy is

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