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16 Jun 2016

“Under the mango tree”

One day, there was a boy and a girl with the name of Michael and Kath, who made a promise to eacher that after 10 years they will come back in the same place where they first met, under the mango tree. Michael’s family decided to migrate to another country

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16 Jun 2016

Forgive me…..

Forgive my foolishness ignorance, I was lured by bits and pieces of your reality. Your presentation of self seemed fetchingly fallible, And the outer was perceived to be an exact replica of the inner. So Forgive me……   In an environment fueled by judgement and ridicule, I jumped the gun, I

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15 Jun 2016

Remarks of the Fatherless!

I’ve been granted much time to think, 17 years to be exact. And throughout this period, Disappointingly, I haven’t found the winning recipe for recovery. Difficult understates the complexity of loss.   The men you had an hand in creating, still speak highly of you! Shared memories are commonly discussed

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13 Jun 2016

My Dearest!

  On days when darkness consumes my inner most being, I smile at your very existence. For I am convinced your duty on earth is earmarked in my happiness.   Delicate you are to those who see beyond your bold, blissful surface. I stand at ease, relinquishing all barriers, allowing

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