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IMG_20160601_181000Welcome to what i call the open seas. If you like looking at the ocean, who doesn’t, to help calm the nerves and some peace and tranquility, then enjoying a mid week afternoon sail is it. I often had this fascination for the sea from an early age and now in my years can afford with a few more affluent friends take to the open seas to enjoy the more mundane side of life. Jamaican coasts lines, especially the southeastern do offer some amount of adventure for the seasoned sea goer. From Bowden in the east passing through Lime Cay, Maiden Cay,Manatee Bay, Pigeon Islands, Goat Islands, Pedro Cays, Black River, into Negril all offer their own unique hide away, while boasting some stunning under sea wild life and scenery, if you are into deep sea diving. Also if you can manage to convince your some time sea fearing land loving family and friends these smaller island make great week end get away and vacation spots.

IMG_38968702312538  So come with me on “our Journey” island hopping, in the “Open Seas” as we explore some of our many sailing getaway, in our beautiful isle.









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Gordon McDowell

Gordon McDowell

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