My Dearest!


On days when darkness consumes my inner most being,

I smile at your very existence.

For I am convinced your duty on earth is earmarked in my happiness.


Delicate you are to those who see beyond your bold, blissful surface.

I stand at ease, relinquishing all barriers, allowing you to play gently at my heart’s guarded strings;

I know it is you who were ordained to bring me great joy and defeat the dictators of sorrow who form alliances against my glee.


My debt I shall pay to the Creator for handing me the holder of all things beautiful.

I am beyond blessed; I am thankful above all things and gracious to accept his offering

You are indeed my biggest blessing.


Proud I am to stand in your corner and cheer gladly at your continuous display of innocence,

Rocked neatly in cradles of merriment. I know the world will carry on worryfree in realisation of your arrival. But until then I beg of thee, stay true to you in its entirety.Don’t wait for the universe to see you in good faith. Let them marvel at your triumph. For I foresee, the world shall call you Great and me? Well.. babysis as always

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Tashauna Taylor

Tashauna Taylor

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