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Life’s Worth

Life is worth living , think of how many people that are in the hospital today with all kinds of illnesses and no cure. All they think about is living another day. While we who are alive and well go every day hating , killing and fighting ,the question is why?

Well I have the answer:

      •Instead of hating -Just show a little love.


      •Instead of killing -Try to be a mentor in some one’s life.


      •Instead of fighting – Just give a hug for u may never know just what that hug might do.


      Life is short so let us just enjoy it , so today reach out to someone it could be,


      •Your Friend


      •Your Grandmother


      •Your school mate


      •Your Child


    Just show some love , for life is not worth living unless it is lived for each other.
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Cameka Campbell

Cameka Campbell

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