Kingston was established on July 22, 1692 with an impressive massive harbor (Kingston Harbour is the seventh largest natural Harbour in the world)


Before it was named Kingston, the town was known as Colonel Barry’s Hog Crawle.  Kingston is the largest city and capital of Jamaica, located on the southeastern coast of the island.


Kingston_Harbour_Sailing_Race Sailing in the harbour

The harbour is home to the Kingston Container Terminal, Jamaica’s largest port. Other docks on Kingston Harbour are at the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica in downtown Kingston and at the Jamaica Flour Mills and the Caribbean Cement Company at Rockfort.


pcj_img           Ja Flour Mills           Carib-Cement

Norman Manley International Airport, Jamaica’s second largest, is also located in the outer harbor, on the Palisadoes spit.


There is a fishing village at Rockfort and fishing docks at Harbour View and at Port Royal.


The Giddy House!

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