“I tore my paper two dollar bill in half”


two dollar


When I was three years, old my parents sent me to school with a paper two dollar bill to purchase snacks at break time. I discovered that my schoolmate had no snacks or money, so I took the initiative to share what I had with her; I tore my paper two dollar bill in half. “Funny huh?”

The moral of the story is not only that “sharing is caring” but also that we need to be vigilant, cognizant and solution driven. I knew from a tender age that I possess these qualities.

Vigilant- keeping a careful watch or being attentive; I observed that she had a need.

Cognizant- having knowledge or awareness; I learned of the situation

Solution driven- to provide a solution; I had already know what the problem was, and derive a way to help.

In every aspect of life, we must have these qualities, whether it be a Job, family, relationship or simply helping out a friend, like in this case. Too often, we as adults forget to incorporate these qualities in our daily lives, it’s as easy as 1 2 3. Think about it, if a three-year-old can be observant, conscious and have the ability to think outside the box, why can’t we as adults.

I have come a far way, the difference between the three-year-old me and the twenty-eight-year-old me is that my solutions are way better, but never have I forgotten to portray these qualities in my life.


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Tamaya Mais

Tamaya Mais

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