07 Jun 2016

Open Seas

Island Living Welcome to what i call the open seas. If you like looking at the ocean, who doesn’t, to help calm the nerves and some peace and tranquility, then enjoying a mid week afternoon sail is it. I often had this fascination for the sea from an early age

Gordon McDowell 0
09 Mar 2016

Baron Bliss Day

National Heroes and Benefactors Day, also known as Baron Bliss day is a national holiday celebrated in the country of Belize. Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is geographically located in Central America but is considered a Caribbean nation due to its history. It also happens to be the only

25 Jul 2015

Slum Tourism

Tourists are now going off the beaten path and those pretty beaches are not the only things attracting them. Individuals are now interesting in visiting impoverished areas, with hopes of attaining a more ‘AUTHENTIC’ experience than the one that is being sold to them. According to oxford dictionary slum, is

Jonielle Salmon 0
02 Jun 2015

Future of Tourism in Jamaica

Tourism is the single main source of revenue for many Caribbean countries with Jamaica being one of them. This wonderful industry provides employment, generates foreign exchange and taxes. There is also linkages with other sectors, as individuals including but not limited to farmers and carpenters earn part of their income

Jonielle Salmon 76
13 Apr 2015


Lies Broken promises Discrimination Covetousness Vanity Bias or prejudice; specifically geared towards racism, classism, religious groups, etc. Overt selfishness unaccompanied by remorse. And the list continues… The aforementioned (in bold) collectively possess a single common element- they transmit pain. The hellish feeling felt after experiencing one or more of these

13 Apr 2015

After Life, The Next Best Gift Given To Man By God, Is A Wife.

He saw that man was lonely, and therefore needed a mate. So He took flesh from the body of man,and created for him his prefect soul mate. Their eyes connect And Instantaneously! they become immobile. Images of the other flows through their pupils that then caresses their retinae which then