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15 Nov 2015

Christmas in the Caribbean

Christmas in the Caribbean is not only a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is also a festival of sorts.   In the Caribbean, people of all religions and those with no religion at all become involved in Christmas activities which include gift-giving, feasting, Christmas cards, Christmas music,

25 Jul 2015

Slum Tourism

Tourists are now going off the beaten path and those pretty beaches are not the only things attracting them. Individuals are now interesting in visiting impoverished areas, with hopes of attaining a more ‘AUTHENTIC’ experience than the one that is being sold to them. According to oxford dictionary slum, is

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24 Jul 2015


Kingston was established on July 22, 1692 with an impressive massive harbor (Kingston Harbour is the seventh largest natural Harbour in the world) Before it was named Kingston, the town was known as Colonel Barry’s Hog Crawle.  Kingston is the largest city and capital of Jamaica, located on the southeastern

26 Mar 2015

Titans Aquatic Swim Club Growing

The Titans Aquatic Swim Team is a new swim club in Barbados just 2 years old.  In that 2 years under the coaching of Enrico McConney head coach of the club and assisted by Nelson Garcia Fernandez, they have grow from 12 swimmers to now 38 competitive swimmers and from

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