real art
29 Jun 2016

Art Of The Week

I am one that believes that to truly follow one’s destiny and to live a purpose filled life, one must first get to know ones self ,not the egocentric sense of self we’ve grown accustomed to ,but the inner self that seats deep within the recesses of the spiritual consciousness of the mind. When this knowing

the art
13 Jun 2016

And It Begins…

Here we go again! ,The mad genius has awoken from his long slumber. He hopes to resume his campaign of creativity. Like an alchemist his methods of infusion may not be for the faint of heart, but if ever in doubt one can always say his work has one  boast ,it is  never

02 Jun 2016

The War Files

Into the fray he marches, Fear lingers within his soul. Failing to live is what grips him. The prospect of being destitute, morally and spiritually terrifies him. If he becomes rich on the material plain, will he lose his battle with humility and the subsequent faith he professes in you lord.