After Life, The Next Best Gift Given To Man By God, Is A Wife.

He saw that man was lonely, and therefore needed a mate.
So He took flesh from the body of man,and created for him his prefect soul mate.

Their eyes connect
And Instantaneously! they become immobile.
Images of the other flows through their pupils that then caresses their retinae which then sends a memorable love message from their optic nerves to their brains-they both beam in delight!
As they are brought to the realization-they are created to be.
Whilst relishing the blessed moment,impulsive synchronized smiles are born- such perfect harmony.

Perfect is she for him and he knows this very well, and prefect is he for her, a prefect match, well-made.
He loves her equally as he loves himself thereby doing the same for her as he would for himself.
They were truly created to be- now and forever, their souls will be.

Tender responses punctuated by kisses, he loves her dearly, she is his Mrs.
He experiences quintessential joy whenever he looks at her.

Their minds, their souls and their bodies.
now miraculously converge to one mind, one soul and one body- such prefect harmony.
A miracle indeed. A miracle indeed, for she is his life, and was born to be, his wife.

*Proverbs 18:22 “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour from the Lord.”

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God Brown

God Brown

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