26 Mar 2015

Titans Aquatic Swim Club Growing

The Titans Aquatic Swim Team is a new swim club in Barbados just 2 years old.  In that 2 years under the coaching of Enrico McConney head coach of the club and assisted by Nelson Garcia Fernandez, they have grow from 12 swimmers to now 38 competitive swimmers and from

Enrico McConney 4
26 Mar 2015

Barbados Open Water in Jamaica

Kudos to the 2013 Barbados Open Water National Swim Team Discovery Bay in Jamaica was the scene of the inaugural Carifta Open Water Swimming Championship and making history for Barbados were five swimmers who on this occasion opted to swim 5 kilometres in the open waters in Jamaica. Carifta pool swimmers Jonathan Manning, Kai Proverbs and Kent Mullins who represented Barbados at previous

Enrico McConney 1
26 Mar 2015

Rally Barbados 2013 – The Experience

What do I do when I’m not being paid to film? I film! I wanted to create a video, not just about the cars, but about the rally experience in Barbados! A day when coolers are filled to capacity and trucks are packed for off-roading adventures to the best vantage

26 Mar 2015

The Jamaican Dollar Slide

Just to let you know that the Jamaican dollar began its slide in the 70’s, this started 10 plus years aftter we gained our so called Independence. The Jamaican dollar was at one time stronger than the US dollar. When Michael Manley led the PNP into power in 1972 it took $1.20US to buy a

11 Mar 2015

Hands Of Time

If you chose to work all your life with private enterprise My advice to you is this, firstly make sure you are on a pension plan from day one which covers accident and death benefits, secondly work hard to the best of your ability, Save as much as you can