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13 Jul 2016

True Happiness

True Happiness is.… To enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future. You will find true happiness in life when you realize it only takes ”YOU” to be happy. True happiness lies within yourself. It doesn’t come from others.   We all want to be happy, but some time

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real art
29 Jun 2016

Art Of The Week

I am one that believes that to truly follow one’s destiny and to live a purpose filled life, one must first get to know ones self ,not the egocentric sense of self we’ve grown accustomed to ,but the inner self that seats deep within the recesses of the spiritual consciousness of the mind. When this knowing

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16 Jun 2016

“Under the mango tree”

One day, there was a boy and a girl with the name of Michael and Kath, who made a promise to eacher that after 10 years they will come back in the same place where they first met, under the mango tree. Michael’s family decided to migrate to another country

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16 Jun 2016

Forgive me…..

Forgive my foolishness ignorance, I was lured by bits and pieces of your reality. Your presentation of self seemed fetchingly fallible, And the outer was perceived to be an exact replica of the inner. So Forgive me……   In an environment fueled by judgement and ridicule, I jumped the gun, I

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