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17 Dec 2015

Road Rage

Murder, corruption, government scandals. Jamaica, a beautiful island of approximately 2.7 million people, is fast going the way of Somalia, where don’s rule the inner cities, government has no regard for the rights of it’s citizens and contues to live high-on-the-hog, using taxpayers’ money.   The two political parties in

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02 Dec 2015

Thinking Outside of the Box in face of devaluation of Jamaican Dollar

The state of the economy in Jamaica is nothing to smile about at this time. The dollar has devalued and is at an all time low. The people are very much worried about their jobs and how they will be able to pay their bills and send their kids to

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Living life!
15 Nov 2015

Christmas in the Caribbean

Christmas in the Caribbean is not only a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is also a festival of sorts.   In the Caribbean, people of all religions and those with no religion at all become involved in Christmas activities which include gift-giving, feasting, Christmas cards, Christmas music,

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19 Oct 2015

The Creative Spark

If you’ve read any of my last posts before this one, you’ll realize that I like to take two seemingly disparate things, and connect them for a (hopefully) interesting read. CAPE and the Olympics. Introversion and a self-help guide. Even the Ten Commandments and driving, which I still don’t know

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